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Save The Dates!

March 13, 2010

These went out at the first of Februrary (well, more or less – you know how that goes…).  I designed them meself in Photoshop.  I do these for my clients when they ask for something custom.  Once again, going for that “something different”!  If you want something different, contact me and I’ll be happy to oblige.  I’m looking at doing these for others.  Mine is a 4×6 magnet I had printed at and they turned out perfect!

My assistant Alicia took the photos while we were doing her enagement session at a carnival last year.  We had been trying to coordinate a day for the four of us to go and some stormy weather kept it getting post poned. Finally, we found one – just in time, too because it was starting to cut it close on time before her wedding.  BUT the carnival rides were for kids ONLY. So, we convinced the carnys to let us at least get on the carousel platfrom and hang on to the horses.  I shot her and her fiance first and then handed the camera to her to get thes shots of us. We’re a little crazy ;):

The idea of the wording started with Steven basically saying he wasn’t too keen on my original “poem”.  It was cheesy, I admit it.  So he suggested using three words to describe our wedding but we didn’t want to use trite, boring words you hear everday so we plugged the three words into an online thesarus.  What we used were:




The first word that jumped out for me was “heteromorphic” under the word different.  I was laughing because it was just such a weird word. Then we started looking for other weird words – or silly sounding words – that would make our friends go running to their dictionary.  Yeah, we’re weird like that. We get off on thinking about a “vocabulary treasure hunt” so if you don’t get it, you wouldn’t really get us. ;oP




That’s what our wedding is going to be like. 😉

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