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Invitation Mock Ups!!!!

March 13, 2010

OK, I am way too excited about each aspect of my wedding.  I know that everyone is but seriously?  I have been planning some of this for 7 years now!  Let’s face it, I knew he was the one very shortly after we started dating. ;o)

Any ways, once some of the theme stuff started coming together, I started looking online for patterns and designs in a Moroccan or Arabic theme.  [For anyone wondering out there – no, we are not Moroccan or Arabic by any means!  I am as “white bread” as you can get:  German/Scottish/English/Dutch.  Steven is German/Italian – almost an even split, too.  We both have a love for the exotic I guess because we are not! LOL!]

I found this Moroccan/Arabic pattern on – my favorite place to look for vector art (that’s high res, sharp-edged camera-ready art to those non-art people out there).

This was just the kind of pattern I was looking for – a little organic, not too floral, definitely NOT damask (there’s nothing wrong with damask – I just don’t want it for my wedding), and does have an Arabic feel to it.  I like it but I was bothered a little bit by the large negative white space around the center medallion.  Luckily, I have enough Photoshop and Illustrator skills, I knew I could alter it to fill that space up a tad so I bought it.

About two weeks ago, I visited my friend and invitation designer, Marj Pruitt of DecoMarj, to start our design process.  I had recently helped her at a show in the N GA mountains and saw some work of hers that I had not photographed yet.  I was immediately drawn to one particular set of invites with a pocket fold and inserts.  I began to imagine my inviations with this particular set up but with my colors and design above.  Oh, and of course this included the “special” touch inspired by a past client’s invitation – a single peacock eye feather tucked in the belly band ribbon of Teal!

Marj and I worked on a mock up (well, she worked while I guided!) and here is the initial mock up!

While we are still working on the technical aspects of how we will do the printing and such, here is the plan now:

The back card stock is a metallic copper. The next and middle layer includes the pocket and design which is converted to a copper (metallic hopefully) on a matte chocolate brown cardstock.  Then the top layer is a metallic chocolate brown (slightly lighter than the matte) with the screen printed turquoise blue writing for the invite.  A belly band of teal satin ribbon ties at the top with a knot and slipped into the knot is the real peacock eye feather (hard to simulate in the illustration – it’s much more beautiful that the monochromatic stamp used above!).

Marj is still working on the tech and ordering print samples this week to try to accomplish my vision!  She is excited about the design and hoping to win another Allie Award!

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