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Overall Theme and Look

March 6, 2010

I’ve collected inspiration boards but one of the things I think is kinda neat is I see all these “peacock” themed weddings but no one has used my colors – yet. ;o)  I planned a wedding oh, about 13 years ago when I was a LOT younger and boy have my tastes changed!  It’s amazing what traveling around the world will do to ya!  So, here are a few inspiration boards that are fun but not quite “IT”:

But I don’t want just a “peacock” themed wedding – I want a Moroccan themed wedding with the peacock eye feather as an accent.  Mostly because it looks so good with my colors.

My favorite colour has always been teal – my version is a dark turquoise, less green, more blue.  As an artist, I like chosing colors that are opposite on the colour wheel as it really makes them vibrate against each other.  Blue and orange (in this case, copper) are opposites, so they just light each other up!  Then add an adjacent color and BAM, you’ve got a rockin’ color scheme:

The biggest challenge I gave all my vendors helping me to design my vision is that I wanted nothing white used in the wedding.  Not big on gold or silver accents either so this pushes us to find unusual accents and to think outside the box when it comes to accesorizing the decor!  Let’s face it, my vendor friends and I have seen it all so I want there to be this “Wow” factor that is about being different but still sophisticated.  Exotic, yet not tropical.

Steven has actually been to Morocco (and the only reason we’re not going back now is that it’s in a really volitile position politically right now.  Just not a good time for American tourists to visit, IYNWIM).  We have  Moroccan rugs in our home and some little touches here and there that he brought back from his holiday in ’02.  This was part of the inspiration and you know how things just happen?  Right after we got engaged, World Market started carrying these lanterns in their holiday decor. They were PERFECT!  So, I made it my mission to go to as many stores as I could and buy them ALL:

The small sitting lanterns I actually bought on eBay but they matched the others so well.  Not bad at about $5 each! The large hanging lanterns will be on shepards’ hooks of varying heights lining the ceremony processional.  I may tie some teal, brown, and copper ribbons at the top for movement. The candles won’t really show up much in the daytime but the glass will still look pretty in the sun.  Later the hanging lanterns will come in for the reception and be hung in different areas – centerpieces and a wrought iron gazebo around the cake table!  This is an inspiration for using different lanterns as a centerpiece.  Maxine will put them at different heights, too.

These vases I originally saw at Pier One and then wanted more.  I bought a second one on eBay (I had a saved search going for the past two years) and just found another one – auction ends tomorrow!  They’ll be used on two console tables flagging the ballroom doors.

We also have a whole bunch of teal organza from eBay seller of all things wedding linen related, balsacircle. Unfortunately, a “greener” teal (again) than I wanted so I’m going to experiment with dyeing it a little more blue.  Looks the right shade on the monitor but it’s that dang green-teal:

I have 120 yards of it! The idea is to drape it along the processional and in the pavilion for the ceremony. I like this look at my venue but maybe a little more space in between so you can see the woods in back:

Then at the reception, I would like an archway draped with the organza that everyone passes through to enter the ballroom so it feels almost as if you’re entering a tent – or a very special room. ;o)  The organza again will be draped on the gazebo around the cake table.

I wish I could see it all now!  I know Maxine and Gabrielle will do an amazing job!

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