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My Wedding Day Look

March 2, 2010

Well, at least in stock images and collage!  A mock up of things I already have and want:  The shoes – check!  The jewelry – on it’s way, so check! The parasol bought about 4 years ago on and has been waiting patiently for me – check!  The locket – found on Etsy is a coveted item for me, a luxury but I really like it and want it in my bouquet with our grandparents’ wedding photos (his and mine) – on it’s way – check!

The dress – well, I haven’t even tried it on yet but it’s my obession.  It’s Laurel by La Sposa of Provenias.  I IZ INA LUUUUUVVVV.  I have seen one other dress I like by Jim Hjelm, jh8000, but cannot find any real price info so it could be waaaaaay outta my budget (uh, like I have one.  I didn’t actually have a dress budget due to the fact I thought I would be getting a dress by a designer that I did some work for.  That fell through because she’s no longer in business. Me sad.)

The Jim Hhelm, jh8000

Now, I know I’ll never look like the models in these photos, however, I have started working out again.  I tried on some dresses last week after the meeting with the aforementioned designer and was not happy with the “I-look-like-a-linebacker-in-a-dress” that stared back at me from the mirror.  I can do better than this so back on Weight Watchers and working out everyday.  Only want to lose 1 lb a week to be down a total of 30 by the wedding day.

The bouquet is the best representation I can find. It will be in shades of copper orange, and brown with peacock feather eyes and fiddlehead ferns.  The wrap will be from some Indian zari ribbon I found on eBay (need to get a photo of that but gave it to my florist already!).

So, here is the total look – TA DA!!!!!!

Up next, the guys!

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