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Cake Design & Inspirations

February 27, 2010

OK, if you don’t get it by now, I’ve been planning my wedding for some time.  There is a “vision” and a theme so I can get a little crazed by the details at times.  One of those details for me involves having a kick-ass cake that everyone just gushes over.  And I happen to know one of the most amazing cake designers and baker around. When people from Atlanta watch “Ace of Cakes” and call them for a specialty cake, they send them to my good friend, Mark Brickman of BakersMan, Inc. Mark and I have known each other for 8 years now (!) and he has won 5 Allie Awards for his cake designs.

We met with Mark last Wednesday at his facility to discuss my design and pick our flavors.  I brought the following sketches and idea collage:

Let me start by saying NOTHING in this cake or this wedding will be white except my dress. One of my “creative” rules to make everyone think outside the box.  I want COLOR.  Ok, the plates at the venue will be white but nothing else. ;o)

The concept is a four tier cake with the bottom three tiers being actual cake. The top tier will be a replica of a Moroccan lantern made of fondant and candy glass for the panes.  Inside will be a flickering LED tealight!  The bottom tier was inspired by a Moroccan 6 or 8 pointed star.  I think he will go with 6 just for simplicity -but it’s his choice. Each flat panel of the star will have an archway design, to mimic Moorish architecture, in copper and chocolate brown piping for the decor.  The next tier was inspired by the peacock cake in the collage.  I love the teal background but I want our peacock feathers to be a bit more graceful and swoosh around the layer.  The final cake tier will be a cube that has the design chosen for our invitations on each side.  It’s a chocolate brown background with a metallic copper Arabic design.

The flavors we chose (OmG, I’m so excited – FI chose two of my favorites so I let him chose the third) out of the myriad of combinations:

Bottom: White chocolate cake with lemon creme filling layer and an mandarine orange creme layer

Middle:  Chocolate marble cake with oreo creme filling

Top:  Key Lime cake and Key lime creme filling.


I’m so excited to see this come to life! I’m hoping he will win another award with it!

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