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Beautiful, Perhaps Perfect Shoes

February 11, 2010

I think I’ve found my wedding shoes!  Oh baby, I am so happy I found these as it’s been a little bit of a check in the back of my mind.

Here they are on

Ironically, they are VERY similar to a pair I bought at – GASP! – Payless a few years back. Yes, I found a pair that was exactly this style but they turned out to be waaaay to green and not my signature Teal color (yes, that’s Teal with a capital “T”. ;o)  So, the green teal shoes have been bugging me but I knew I had a bit of time to look around for something a bit more blue.

My usual method of searching for key word “Teal” on dozens of online shoe stores had turned up some potentials but either were too expensive (I’m a shoe girl but not a rich shoe girl) or not quite elegant enough for a wedding dress (think patent leather, bling, or chunky).  I went to my old standby and where I have dozens of saved daily searches going, eBay.  I am such a HUGE eBay buyer and if it’s for sale anywhere, it usually ends up there somehow or eventually.

Two days ago, my daily saved search for “teal heels 9” on eBay sent me an email with two matches.  One pair of shoes were those above.  I clicked through and they were at $89 or Best Offer.  Hmmmm, $89 is not horrible but a tad higher than I wanted to spend.  Especially if they were not quite the right color.  So, I contacted the seller to find out about their return policy if the color wasn’t quite right. Well, there was no return policy.  “No returns for color or fit, sorry!”  Hmph.

Meanwhile, I simply put the brand and style name in Google and voila!  I found then for sale on!  $20 less AND FREE SHIPPING!  Oh, and they take returns.  HA!  Bought those beautiful suckers right then.  And take a look at the bottom- oh yeah…And this sexy back look…

They are very high heels and I hope they fit and I can wear them at my wedding!  At least until after the first dance. ;o)

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