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The Coveted: Rotsina’s Locket

February 2, 2010

Funny how I called this series of posts “The Coveted” before I even realized there is a blog by that name! I just wanted to blog about stuff I find that’s cool while I’m planning this “non traditional” wedding o’ mine!

So, on the Offbeat Bride’s blog, I saw and ad for this Etsy seller, Rotsina’s Locket.  Love these lockets and they are so affordable!  Usually when I find something unique that I like, I simply can’t afford it or justify the money to spend on it. These, however, I could easily buy and they just look heirloom already!

For my wedding? I could see this attached to my bouquet with my grandparents’ wedding photo inside!  It matches my teal theme and it just sparkles!

How about for Valentines’ Day guys? Give her a heart?  With your photo inside of course- or maybe a proposal?

Or if you’re not quite ready for that, she also has some gorgeous enamel earrings, too!

I’ve saved her in my favorite sellers and need to snatch that locket up fast!

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