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My Turn…

January 23, 2010

Ahhhh….At Last!!!!!  So, introductions:  My name is Shari and I’m a full time professional wedding photographer. The name of this blog, The Bride ‘Tog Blog, is because I’m a photographer (‘Tog for short in our industry) and finally, I am a bride. On October 28th, my true love, Steven, proposed to me.  It was not a surprise – we’ve been together for seven years. However, it was very very sweet and made me very very happy.

So, this is my ring and I guess it’s the best way to start off this planning blog.  I have never owned any thing so beautiful in my life!  I love it and it’s exactly what I wanted.  Honestly, I never thought I would have anything so nice so here is the story behind the bling.

As I said, Steven and I have been together for a while.  We met on in July of 2002.  The funny thing about this is that we practically grew up next to each other – just a few years apart!  In our first phone conversation, I mentioned that my mom’s house was behind this stadium. He asked if I went to that high school and then started asking me if I remembered certain teachers – by their names!  It was uncanny – we graduated from the same high school eight years apart!  We have the same geographic history for that part of our lives and mutual friends that know us both!

Over the years, we have had our trials and tribulations.  We’ve even had counseling.  In January of ’09, I decided that I wanted us to start talking about marriage seriously and each month, we discussed an aspect of joining our lives officially.  At some point, we discussed rings and Steven let me know he didn’t even know that most women had two rings (wedding band and engagement ring).  “How long do you wear two rings?!”, he asked me. 😉  So, I told him to ask some of his married women friends and clients to see their rings and tell him the story behind their rings.

One day in October, he asked me if I wanted to go ring shopping.  Heck yeah!  I told him that I had already done a little online shopping and knew where we should start. Mind you, I was concerned he would have sticker shock.  After all, he didn’t even know that modern ladies had two rings….I was worried.  We got to the showroom and the lovely sales girl asked him if he had set a budget. The number he told her was TWICE the amount I expected!  I was speechless.  I then got to look at all the mounts in the store.  When we got to choose the stone, it was fun looking at them through the lupes and seeing the color difference.  I think Steven even had fun learning about diamonds!  When we picked out this stone and they put it in the mount, I knew it was the one.  Steven asked me if I wanted to look some more and go to other places and I told him, I was getting blurry eyed just from this one store.  I loved this ring, it was exactly what I wanted so he bought it on site.

Of course, he had to go pick it up and get it for me.  I really, really wanted to wear it to this big photographers’ convention I was speaking at in New Orleans the following week.  Our last date night before my trip, Steven mentioned that he wished our favorite restaurant, Benendetti’s, was still open.  Benendetti’s went out of business two years ago.  It the restaurant for our first date dinner, anniversary dinners, birthdays, Mothers’ Days, etc…but alas, it was gone. We headed out to another Italian restaurant and had a lovely dinner.  Steven ordered tiramisu for dessert – which he never does. As we shared the dessert, he talked to me about our years together, how we’ve both grown, what we’ve been through….and then he slid the tiny box in my direction. When I opened the box….I got a surprise….

Inside the box was not an engagement ring.  I quickly covered my mouth to conceal the smile and try to keep a giggle from escaping and embarrassing him.  “That’s not the engagement ring”, I told him as I looked at the tiny pave wedding band that matched my ring.  “What?!”, he said.  “You get the BIG one first?!”  and I just had to laugh.  So very Steven!  We talked for a few more minutes as I confirmed he did have the “Big One” at home.  He snapped closed the box and said we would do this again later…

We arrived home and he took my hand to lead me to our couch in the living room.  Our furbabies, Duncan and Sophie, jumped up in our laps immediately, happy to see us home (like they always are even if we’ve only been gone five minutes).  He held out the box and opened it – I first laid eyes on the whole, complete, beautiful ring that was mine and he asked, “You’ll say “yes”, right?”. I teased him by saying I was thinking it over.  Then he asked me to marry him and of course, I said yes very tearfully and kissed and hugged him.  Our dogs sensing the excitement started going wild and licking us all over.  It was perfect.  Right there on our couch with our “kids” and everything!

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