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Invitation Mock Ups!!!!

March 13, 2010

OK, I am way too excited about each aspect of my wedding.  I know that everyone is but seriously?  I have been planning some of this for 7 years now!  Let’s face it, I knew he was the one very shortly after we started dating. ;o)

Any ways, once some of the theme stuff started coming together, I started looking online for patterns and designs in a Moroccan or Arabic theme.  [For anyone wondering out there – no, we are not Moroccan or Arabic by any means!  I am as “white bread” as you can get:  German/Scottish/English/Dutch.  Steven is German/Italian – almost an even split, too.  We both have a love for the exotic I guess because we are not! LOL!]

I found this Moroccan/Arabic pattern on – my favorite place to look for vector art (that’s high res, sharp-edged camera-ready art to those non-art people out there).

This was just the kind of pattern I was looking for – a little organic, not too floral, definitely NOT damask (there’s nothing wrong with damask – I just don’t want it for my wedding), and does have an Arabic feel to it.  I like it but I was bothered a little bit by the large negative white space around the center medallion.  Luckily, I have enough Photoshop and Illustrator skills, I knew I could alter it to fill that space up a tad so I bought it.

About two weeks ago, I visited my friend and invitation designer, Marj Pruitt of DecoMarj, to start our design process.  I had recently helped her at a show in the N GA mountains and saw some work of hers that I had not photographed yet.  I was immediately drawn to one particular set of invites with a pocket fold and inserts.  I began to imagine my inviations with this particular set up but with my colors and design above.  Oh, and of course this included the “special” touch inspired by a past client’s invitation – a single peacock eye feather tucked in the belly band ribbon of Teal!

Marj and I worked on a mock up (well, she worked while I guided!) and here is the initial mock up!

While we are still working on the technical aspects of how we will do the printing and such, here is the plan now:

The back card stock is a metallic copper. The next and middle layer includes the pocket and design which is converted to a copper (metallic hopefully) on a matte chocolate brown cardstock.  Then the top layer is a metallic chocolate brown (slightly lighter than the matte) with the screen printed turquoise blue writing for the invite.  A belly band of teal satin ribbon ties at the top with a knot and slipped into the knot is the real peacock eye feather (hard to simulate in the illustration – it’s much more beautiful that the monochromatic stamp used above!).

Marj is still working on the tech and ordering print samples this week to try to accomplish my vision!  She is excited about the design and hoping to win another Allie Award!


Save The Dates!

March 13, 2010

These went out at the first of Februrary (well, more or less – you know how that goes…).  I designed them meself in Photoshop.  I do these for my clients when they ask for something custom.  Once again, going for that “something different”!  If you want something different, contact me and I’ll be happy to oblige.  I’m looking at doing these for others.  Mine is a 4×6 magnet I had printed at and they turned out perfect!

My assistant Alicia took the photos while we were doing her enagement session at a carnival last year.  We had been trying to coordinate a day for the four of us to go and some stormy weather kept it getting post poned. Finally, we found one – just in time, too because it was starting to cut it close on time before her wedding.  BUT the carnival rides were for kids ONLY. So, we convinced the carnys to let us at least get on the carousel platfrom and hang on to the horses.  I shot her and her fiance first and then handed the camera to her to get thes shots of us. We’re a little crazy ;):

The idea of the wording started with Steven basically saying he wasn’t too keen on my original “poem”.  It was cheesy, I admit it.  So he suggested using three words to describe our wedding but we didn’t want to use trite, boring words you hear everday so we plugged the three words into an online thesarus.  What we used were:




The first word that jumped out for me was “heteromorphic” under the word different.  I was laughing because it was just such a weird word. Then we started looking for other weird words – or silly sounding words – that would make our friends go running to their dictionary.  Yeah, we’re weird like that. We get off on thinking about a “vocabulary treasure hunt” so if you don’t get it, you wouldn’t really get us. ;oP




That’s what our wedding is going to be like. 😉

Overall Theme and Look

March 6, 2010

I’ve collected inspiration boards but one of the things I think is kinda neat is I see all these “peacock” themed weddings but no one has used my colors – yet. ;o)  I planned a wedding oh, about 13 years ago when I was a LOT younger and boy have my tastes changed!  It’s amazing what traveling around the world will do to ya!  So, here are a few inspiration boards that are fun but not quite “IT”:

But I don’t want just a “peacock” themed wedding – I want a Moroccan themed wedding with the peacock eye feather as an accent.  Mostly because it looks so good with my colors.

My favorite colour has always been teal – my version is a dark turquoise, less green, more blue.  As an artist, I like chosing colors that are opposite on the colour wheel as it really makes them vibrate against each other.  Blue and orange (in this case, copper) are opposites, so they just light each other up!  Then add an adjacent color and BAM, you’ve got a rockin’ color scheme:

The biggest challenge I gave all my vendors helping me to design my vision is that I wanted nothing white used in the wedding.  Not big on gold or silver accents either so this pushes us to find unusual accents and to think outside the box when it comes to accesorizing the decor!  Let’s face it, my vendor friends and I have seen it all so I want there to be this “Wow” factor that is about being different but still sophisticated.  Exotic, yet not tropical.

Steven has actually been to Morocco (and the only reason we’re not going back now is that it’s in a really volitile position politically right now.  Just not a good time for American tourists to visit, IYNWIM).  We have  Moroccan rugs in our home and some little touches here and there that he brought back from his holiday in ’02.  This was part of the inspiration and you know how things just happen?  Right after we got engaged, World Market started carrying these lanterns in their holiday decor. They were PERFECT!  So, I made it my mission to go to as many stores as I could and buy them ALL:

The small sitting lanterns I actually bought on eBay but they matched the others so well.  Not bad at about $5 each! The large hanging lanterns will be on shepards’ hooks of varying heights lining the ceremony processional.  I may tie some teal, brown, and copper ribbons at the top for movement. The candles won’t really show up much in the daytime but the glass will still look pretty in the sun.  Later the hanging lanterns will come in for the reception and be hung in different areas – centerpieces and a wrought iron gazebo around the cake table!  This is an inspiration for using different lanterns as a centerpiece.  Maxine will put them at different heights, too.

These vases I originally saw at Pier One and then wanted more.  I bought a second one on eBay (I had a saved search going for the past two years) and just found another one – auction ends tomorrow!  They’ll be used on two console tables flagging the ballroom doors.

We also have a whole bunch of teal organza from eBay seller of all things wedding linen related, balsacircle. Unfortunately, a “greener” teal (again) than I wanted so I’m going to experiment with dyeing it a little more blue.  Looks the right shade on the monitor but it’s that dang green-teal:

I have 120 yards of it! The idea is to drape it along the processional and in the pavilion for the ceremony. I like this look at my venue but maybe a little more space in between so you can see the woods in back:

Then at the reception, I would like an archway draped with the organza that everyone passes through to enter the ballroom so it feels almost as if you’re entering a tent – or a very special room. ;o)  The organza again will be draped on the gazebo around the cake table.

I wish I could see it all now!  I know Maxine and Gabrielle will do an amazing job!

The Guys Look

March 2, 2010

So, yes, we got the chocolate brown tuxes – without stripes ;o).  But what else?  Well, I stumbled across the ties by Etsy seller toybreaker and loved the peacock feather pattern so we got them!  The teal is not quite the right shade but we’re working on it [NOTE: there definitely seems to be two main shades of teal – a bluer teal (mine) and a greener teal (the tie and some organza we bought) so I’m going to try to dye it a little more blue].  Steven’s boutiennier will be an copper orange orchid with a fiddlehead fern and a peacock eye. The guys will not have a calla – I think we decided on a dahlia but each will have a fiddlehead fern and peacock eye as well.

I gave Steven a pair of teal cufflinks for Valentine’s this year to wear for the wedding.  I just love the way the teal tie looks with the brown tux!

My Wedding Day Look

March 2, 2010

Well, at least in stock images and collage!  A mock up of things I already have and want:  The shoes – check!  The jewelry – on it’s way, so check! The parasol bought about 4 years ago on and has been waiting patiently for me – check!  The locket – found on Etsy is a coveted item for me, a luxury but I really like it and want it in my bouquet with our grandparents’ wedding photos (his and mine) – on it’s way – check!

The dress – well, I haven’t even tried it on yet but it’s my obession.  It’s Laurel by La Sposa of Provenias.  I IZ INA LUUUUUVVVV.  I have seen one other dress I like by Jim Hjelm, jh8000, but cannot find any real price info so it could be waaaaaay outta my budget (uh, like I have one.  I didn’t actually have a dress budget due to the fact I thought I would be getting a dress by a designer that I did some work for.  That fell through because she’s no longer in business. Me sad.)

The Jim Hhelm, jh8000

Now, I know I’ll never look like the models in these photos, however, I have started working out again.  I tried on some dresses last week after the meeting with the aforementioned designer and was not happy with the “I-look-like-a-linebacker-in-a-dress” that stared back at me from the mirror.  I can do better than this so back on Weight Watchers and working out everyday.  Only want to lose 1 lb a week to be down a total of 30 by the wedding day.

The bouquet is the best representation I can find. It will be in shades of copper orange, and brown with peacock feather eyes and fiddlehead ferns.  The wrap will be from some Indian zari ribbon I found on eBay (need to get a photo of that but gave it to my florist already!).

So, here is the total look – TA DA!!!!!!

Up next, the guys!

Cake Design & Inspirations

February 27, 2010

OK, if you don’t get it by now, I’ve been planning my wedding for some time.  There is a “vision” and a theme so I can get a little crazed by the details at times.  One of those details for me involves having a kick-ass cake that everyone just gushes over.  And I happen to know one of the most amazing cake designers and baker around. When people from Atlanta watch “Ace of Cakes” and call them for a specialty cake, they send them to my good friend, Mark Brickman of BakersMan, Inc. Mark and I have known each other for 8 years now (!) and he has won 5 Allie Awards for his cake designs.

We met with Mark last Wednesday at his facility to discuss my design and pick our flavors.  I brought the following sketches and idea collage:

Let me start by saying NOTHING in this cake or this wedding will be white except my dress. One of my “creative” rules to make everyone think outside the box.  I want COLOR.  Ok, the plates at the venue will be white but nothing else. ;o)

The concept is a four tier cake with the bottom three tiers being actual cake. The top tier will be a replica of a Moroccan lantern made of fondant and candy glass for the panes.  Inside will be a flickering LED tealight!  The bottom tier was inspired by a Moroccan 6 or 8 pointed star.  I think he will go with 6 just for simplicity -but it’s his choice. Each flat panel of the star will have an archway design, to mimic Moorish architecture, in copper and chocolate brown piping for the decor.  The next tier was inspired by the peacock cake in the collage.  I love the teal background but I want our peacock feathers to be a bit more graceful and swoosh around the layer.  The final cake tier will be a cube that has the design chosen for our invitations on each side.  It’s a chocolate brown background with a metallic copper Arabic design.

The flavors we chose (OmG, I’m so excited – FI chose two of my favorites so I let him chose the third) out of the myriad of combinations:

Bottom: White chocolate cake with lemon creme filling layer and an mandarine orange creme layer

Middle:  Chocolate marble cake with oreo creme filling

Top:  Key Lime cake and Key lime creme filling.


I’m so excited to see this come to life! I’m hoping he will win another award with it!

FINALLY: Chocolate-y unstriped goodness!

February 14, 2010

I’m sorry.  Maybe I’m clueless.  I was under the impression that chocolate brown was the new black and that it was very, very popular for weddings now.  If you are a smart and frugal bride like me, you have heard of the Trash to Treasure board on the Knot and tons of gals are using brown in their wedding color scheme nowadays….

So why on Earth is there only ONE brown tux for rent in all of Atlanta by every dang tuxedo company and the stupid thing has stripes?  Yuck.  I don’t want gangstas at my wedding let alone in my wedding party!  This is the evil brown striped tux:Now please don’t get me wrong.  If this was truly the ONLY choice available, yes we would have gone with this.  But with the popularity of brown in wedding colors, I just couldn’t believe this was the only choice in town.

So, I happen to know a few folks in the wedding industry. ;o)  I asked around and my friend Linda Surles of the Bride & Groom Planner told me about Tuxedo Warehouse in Cumming.  I checked out their web site and they had TONS of colors – and not just one brown tux but several!  I called up and talked to Boyd and yes, he assured me he had three brown tuxes available and two of them without stripes!  I went by that following Thursday and met his wife and partner, Alice, and she helped me pick out the tux and get my guys all registered.  Now all they have to do is show up for measurements (sometime in June after prom season)!

Alice and Boyd were so nice and accommodating – well worth the trip to Cumming if you want personal service and small business attention to detail.  And did I mention tons of colors????!!!! ;o)

Here is the tux I chose:Yay!  It’s going to look great with the teal tie I’m getting for Steven.  And NO STRIPES! ;O)